Spirituality is a modern life topic nowadays. People struggle to understand what it is and where does it start, especially as we overuse the word in a wide range of contexts. There is no one definition and understandings that fits all and to me it depends on lots of dimensions like background, religion, life experiences.

In a simplistic view, spirituality has to do with finding the meaning of life and enjoying it to the fullest possible. It requires practice to live in the present moment, be aware of your experiences and be filled with unconditional love and acceptance; it also means becoming a witness of your own life, letting go of patterns, judgments and limiting beliefs and gaining new better perspectives to see ourselves, our relationships and the world.

In a larger sense, spirituality means a sense of connection to something bigger than us, be it the world of spirits, God or Divinity, Universe, Source, Ultimate Energy. That is, getting to a state of mental silence and peace where you reconnect to yourself, hear your inner guidance and are able to draw insight form the universal knowledge.

In life we have mental and physical journeys, reaching logical conclusions and determined destinations. We also have a spiritual journey that ignites in search for change and progress or at life crossroads. It requires effort, resilience, dedication, research and discipline and thus we may refuse it as too difficult. But Stephen R. Covey says “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey’’. So sooner or later, our spiritual journey will be inevitable and should be embraced as it comes.

If you happen to be in that moment in life when you hear a calling but you don’t know what it is, start by listening to your intuitive knowledge. What is your life about? What life means to you and what does God or Divinity mean to you? The answers are not easy or straightforward nor similar to anybody else’s. It will be whatever matters to you. Bringing more of those things in your life and and being present to enjoy them, will achieve a better version of yourself.

Your new destination will be the journey itself. Once embarked and committed, the spiritual journey will reveal new worlds and beautiful experiences, it will also give you tools to deal with adversity and it will take you to a different dimension, above the daily rush and the hoarding of possessions.

It requires courage in today’s world to find back your values and live your life in alignment with them. Coaching in this case can guide the way, create the environment, open doors and support you find your answers in a respectful manner to your free will.

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Camelia Krupp

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Building future globally! I am fascinated by human beings and their psychology and dedicate my life to bettering their capabilities and those of the organizations they are in. The first step starts with you and if I can support and empower you to take one step further in your growth, then my mission as a coach is fulfilled. Building self every day is the single meaning of life!

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