As a Leadership Executive Coach, I provide tools and techniques to unlock leadership potential and achieve higher motivation, increased work satisfaction and greater focus on business success. Here are just few areas we can address:

  • Leadership development: building relationships, managing conflicts, listening, coaching as a mindset, leadership style and authenticity, emotional intelligence, decision making
  • Individual and team performance, working with others efficiently
  • Career path and strengths finder / transferable capabilities, transition
  • Development of new behaviors or abilities as needed
  • Harmonization of individual objectives with those of your employer
  • Case management, succession planning assessments
  • Financial well-being and life satisfaction

Executive coaching and client’s achievement of objectives are based on desire for progress and leverage of inner existing potential. We can work to enable behavioral changes and development regardless of culture, background or work seniority and coaching program will be tailored with focus on individual, whilst considering as needed the organizational structures, objectives. Positive change will be inherent at team and organizational level when individual growth is in focus.

I currently work with a renown business school in Switzerland, feel free to visit their program offerings to better understand what might suit you and how we can help you further develop.

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Camelia Krupp

Master Certified Coach & Therapist

Building future globally! I am fascinated by human beings and their psychology and dedicate my life to bettering their capabilities and those of the organizations they are in. The first step starts with you and if I can support and empower you to take one step further in your growth, then my mission as a coach is fulfilled. Building self every day is the single meaning of life!

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  • “Camelia is an EXCELLENT executive COACH! She has a very gentle and encouraging approach that helps create trustful relationship. I loved working with her. Thank you Camelia!” – Anastasia K.


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