‘’Thanks for guiding me through on difficult situations and helping me to understand myself better. I learned a lot from you. Your empathetic way of asking questions always made me thing deeply about the root cause of the situation. Thanks so much everything! I wish you the best Camelia! I will not forget what I got from you. Others are lucky having you as their coach as well! This is a the way how you contribute to the balance and happiness of the world. Thanks Take care! Warmly, Eva V.‘’, NI Corp.

‘’Thank you for a great session yesterday, very inspiring and actionable for me at this stage. And thanks again for your great coaching throughout the course, it’s been a kick starter / accelerator in driving change and in my awakening. Much much appreciated!’’ Frouke H., P&G, Geneva, CH

“Since beginning my work with Camelia as part of the IMD leadership programme, she has been an exemplary professional coach. She not only helped me settle into a new position, but her insights, great questions and gentle prodding helped me to become more confident and comfortable as a leader.

Camelia exhibits a unique sense of interest in my life and her insights and direction are always on target. I feel very supported and championed in the attainment of my goals. Camelia has been a vital resource to me and I look forward to our continuing relationship.” Liz G., Team Leader ISO, Geneva, Switzerland

”I am certain, that if I did not do coaching, I would not have been able to have such a healthy and conscious approach to my move to another country, to my time off, to reflections and being with myself. It is really incredible how deeply rooted our sessions went, not only do I often think of what she would say, or hear her words, or have flashbacks of little diagrams she drew, but the methods changed the way I react/ think / approach things. And not only good for myself, but the way I interact with others and can support friends and family. I often thank her in my head and am so grateful that she was my coach. She planted little seeds that for a long time ahead will grow in various fruitful ways!” Artemis P., World Economic Forum, Geneva, Switzerland

I feel lucky that I had Camelia as my coach! It’s amazing to think that it was only two months of coaching. I can look back at myself when I started, and that’s the moment when l really see the value this process brought to me. I could find in Camelia all the support, encouragement, challenge and new refreshing perspectives that helped my development beyond any expectation. She helped me reflect and became aware of important issues, while she was able to go to the core of things. She is a natural and talented coach.” Ledi K., Program Officer for Migration & Anti-Trafficking, Terre Des Hommes Eastern Europe

”To have Camelia as my coach at IMD Learning Leadership Program was an unexpected gift. She had an important role in my journey during these 8 weeks always making me reflect on critical questions and sharing positive enthusiasm when realizing my development. Since the first coaching call, through true people caring feedback and until our last call Camelia helped me to achieve a new level of understanding on how I can improve my leadership capabilities. Thank you!” Andre P., CCR, Brazil – Senior IT Manager

”Since the first moment I felt Camelia was the kind of coach that truly cared about my development as individual. Her listening skills made it easy for me to open and thanks to that our coaching sessions could be transparent, true, avoiding any defensive attitude. She could always understand what were the strings to touch in order to guide me in a reflection process. You will always feel welcomed and guided to the path that leads to the next level, with Camelia. I would recommend her with no hesitation. Thank you Camelia!” Simone G, Infotheek, Italy – via IMD Learning Leadership program

“Camelia is an excellent coach! She has a very gentle and encouraging approach that helps create trustful relationship, so critical to have when coached. It was my first experience with coaching and she was an excellent listener and steered me to find my path. She helped me not only to address my development area and find practical and inspiring solutions, but went beyond and guided me to discover the real roots of the issue. I experienced tremendous personal growth and increased self-awareness while working with her and afterwards. She was very dedicated, her personal commitment to coaching is unsurpassed and I always felt real interest in me as an individual. I would recommend her to anyone looking to make the next step in self-awareness and self-development journey, that will contribute to career and personal life journey.” Anastasia K, HR Manager for JTI SA, Geneva, Switzerland

“Camelia is the best coach I have met so far – her listening skills, compassion and sensitivity allowed her to guide me to actions I can take today to improve my life. She helped me to look past the many every day struggles and find the real root causes. Once there she guided me through questions to come up with an action plan that I could work on every day. It worked, my life became more calm and focused on what mattered most, and in turn the reward was better relationships and results at all levels – private and professional.

With the action plan not enough, going a bit more in depth she guided me to become increasingly aware of my thoughts and reactions so that I could connect better with me and others around me. Camelia guided me to change my life, become a better person, a better partner and a lot more balanced. I can only recommend Camelia to anybody who wants stop being a spectator in their own life and actually live life fully. Thank you Camelia for everything and for being you!” Andreas K., Lead Analyst, Cimpress, Zurich, Switzerland

“Camelia is an excellent coach! No doubt about it. She is very friendly and made me feel at ease, she is very helpful and informative. I felt I have become more confident about making my presentations and the tips I got really helped me to improve my confidence.

I think Camelia has very interactive nature, which helps encouraging and creating honest and open communication”  Zameer H, Fonterra, Saudi Arabia – via IMD Learning Leadership program

”I’ve worked with Camelia for the past 6 months and am very enthusiastic about the changes I have managed to make in my life as a result of our discussions. The topics we addressed are planning, time and expectation management, work-life balance, self respect, listening, giving and receiving love. Camelia is a good listener and has managed time and time again to bring structure into my thoughts. At the same time she is able to combine theory and practice in an approach that really resonates with me. I am much more in control of my life due to our sessions and finally feel free!” C. Negru, Planning and Compensation Manager , Elsevier B.V, Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Camelia was my coach during the IMD Learning Leadership Program. She accurately reviewed my assignments over the 8 weeks of the Program. She did not spare time and efforts to provide relevant and specific feedback. During our last session, in the way the conversation flowed,  a symbiosis took place with Camelia to review the 8 weeks of the program, take the best of it for me and consider the next steps. Reaching this symbiosis in a overall limited number of direct interactions  certainly demonstrate Camelia’s high level of empathy and active listening  and potential to become an excellent coach” Nicolas F – The Global Fund

“I met Camelia more than half a year ago during a coaching specialization we did together. During the first part of the course, we were put into the same group to coach each other.his was the beginning of my journey to learn more about myself, work on myself and find out more about certain behaviors, patterns and emotions I have. From the first moment, I felt very comfortable, I completely trusted her and was therefore able to open up entirely to her which is important when you get coached.

She was able to really listen to what I am saying, was asking the right kind of questions and was able to inspire me each time so much that I walked away energized, motivated and ready to take this on. After the course ended, she continued to coach me, which was really helpful and I had quite a few important realizations since then. I would like to thank Camelia from the bottom of my heart for everything she has helped me with so far!” Karin L., Global Coordinator for World Economic Forum, Geneva, Switzerland

”I have been friends with Camelia for over 5 years. Her most amazing skill as a coach is that she manages to separate the coaching from the friendship.

I felt like opening to a person that can only see with her heart and understand the other overcoming previous knowledge, preconceptions and stereotypes. I believe this is rare.

She does the coaching in an objective detached way, still bringing a lot of joy and emotion and reshaping friendship from a different angle to another level.

Thanks for being a true friend and a true coach.” Raluca P., Global Brand Manager, JTI SA, Geneva, Switzerland

”Camelia contacted me in 2016 in an exchange of coaching information. We had few interactions to share coaching knowledge and methodologies. I suggested Camelia to coach me. Our sessions allowed me to experience her lovely personality, inviting and calming manner. Also, important for a coaching relationship, she creates an environment where one feels comfortable to talk  while her questions encourage deeper thinking. It was a pleasure to meet Camelia and briefly work together! ‘’ Suzie Doscher, Master and Professional Coach at www.suziedoscher.com

Camelia Krupp

Master Certified Coach & Therapist

Building future globally! I am fascinated by human beings and their psychology and dedicate my life to bettering their capabilities and those of the organizations they are in. The first step starts with you and if I can support and empower you to take one step further in your growth, then my mission as a coach is fulfilled. Building self every day is the single meaning of life!

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  • “Camelia is an EXCELLENT executive COACH! She has a very gentle and encouraging approach that helps create trustful relationship. I loved working with her. Thank you Camelia!” – Anastasia K.


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