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If you search for a fast solution on how to improve on a certain topic, please book a ‘’laser solution’’. You get 5 sessions and practical tips & tricks to get you fast unblocked:

  1. Session 1: Intake, understanding the struggle (current situation), identifying desired outcomes (ideal situation), commitment, self-reflection
  2. Session 2-3: tailored psycho-education / neuroscience / evidence based information /framework and best practices /tips & tricks on the topic
  3. Session 4-5: follow up session to check on how the practices have worked and closing session to reiterate coaching program and next steps

Please choose the topic from below and write it the body of your booking:

Personal coaching & Therapy

  1. Resilience
  2. Healthy habits
  3. Nutrition
  4. Sleep
  5. Couple’s therapy  
  6. Parenting  
  7. Impostor syndrome
  8. Dealing with your trauma
  9. Stress and anger management
  10. Emotional intelligence

Executive Coaching

  1. Personality assessment
  2. Time management
  3. Practical leadership
  4. Leading through Communication
  5. Giving constructive Feedback
  6. Coaching your staff
  7. Building better work relationship
  8. Negotiation skills
  9. Persuasion techniques
  10. Motivating employees

Camelia Krupp

Master Certified Coach & Therapist

Building future globally! I am fascinated by human beings and their psychology and dedicate my life to bettering their capabilities and those of the organizations they are in. The first step starts with you and if I can support and empower you to take one step further in your growth, then my mission as a coach is fulfilled. Building self every day is the single meaning of life!

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  • “Camelia is an EXCELLENT executive COACH! She has a very gentle and encouraging approach that helps create trustful relationship. I loved working with her. Thank you Camelia!” – Anastasia K.


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