Vibrational frequency refers to the idea that everything in the universe has a pulse, even objects that appear to be stationary are in fact vibrating, oscillating, resonating, at various frequencies. For humans, this refers to the rate at which the body cells vibrate and oscillate, with a healthy human body ranging between 6.2-7.0 Hz and bringing about harmony with life. When out of sync with these natural frequencies, disease occurs. (electromagnetic resonance – Winfried Otto Schumann)

The Phenomenon of Synchronization

It is thought that when different vibrating things come together, something very interesting happens, they start syncing up and vibrating at the same frequency. (fireflies of certain species start flashing in sync, moon rotation around the Earth always synced in its orbit, etc). This so-called phenomenon of spontaneous self-organization has led to deep insights about the concept of collective consciousness and about the universe more generally.

Understanding Brain States and Frequencies

The frequency of 7.83 Hz (Schumann Resonance) is the natural Earth rhythm, and this is also the Alpha and Theta states of the brain.

• Delta state is generated in deepest meditation and dreamless sleep (0.5-4Hz), these waves suspend external awareness and are the source of empathy. Healing and regeneration are stimulated and that’s why deep restorative sleep is essential to the healing process.

Theta is a desired state most often occurring in sleep and deep relaxation, it enables also inner focus (4-8Hz) and its our gateway to learning, memory and intuition

• Alpha its a resting state of the brain, can be associated with very relaxed ways of being in the present of ‘’now’’, passive attention (8-12Hz) and aiding overall mental coordination, calmness, mind/body integration and learning.

Beta (13-38Hz) is where we tend to be in most of our daily lives, active with external attention, engaged in judgement, problem solving, often out of the present moment, either in the past or in the future and often in states of fight, flight or freeze. Anxiety and depression may come as a result of being in this wave frequency in unjustified contexts, generating chronic stress, tunnel vision and in floods of cortisol and adrenaline as released by a triggered autonomic nervous system.

Gamma waves (38-44Hz) have been associated with fast information processing, super learning and memory recall, connectivity of different brain hemispheres or parts and general feeling of oneness and connectedness.

As such, healthier states of mind require mostly to be in low frequency waves, such as Alpha and Theta, where most of the regeneration and healing happen; its no surprise that people nowadays tend to live a rather unbalanced, irritated, reactive, angry, and disease conducive life, especially in the bigger cities. At the same time, tuning into the planets own magnetic frequency of 7.83Hz, has showed improved learning and memory, body rejuvenation, improved stress tolerance, sense of balance.

Electromagnetic Fields and Their Impact

The electromagnetic fields generated by technology (power supply systems, telecommunications, appliances, computers) bring us out of balance from Earth’s frequency and craving for healing, in some cases research showing associations with increased incidence of cancer, heart disease, depression, migraine headaches, emotional distress.

The reasons for low vibrations can be anything from tiredness, fear, fury, to places that vibrate very low such as hospitals, bars, shopping malls, prisons, subway stations, old buildings. There are several factors that can affect our vibrational frequency, including as mentioned our thoughts and emotions, and the environment we live in, but also the foods we eat and our level of physical activity. Some alternative therapies and spiritual practices, such as Reiki and meditation, focus on increasing our energy frequency.

Consciousness Levels and Well-being

Another researcher, Dr Hawking, psychiatrist and spiritual teacher, in his book Power vs. Force, The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour talks about a scale of consciousness, mapping levels of consciousness on a numerical system scale that spans from 1 to 1000. Each level of consciousness contains different sets of behaviours, emotions and beliefs (see below). The absolute values on the scale are on the opposite as for Schumann (though with the same meaning), the higher the vibration the better wellbeing enabling, with critical discovered points below 200 (body is weak, absence of truth) and aiming to go in the spiritual growth towards enlightenment and pure consciousness – anything above 200 making the body stronger and showing the presence of truth; 500 is unconditional love, where there is complete harmony between our body and our environment and enlightenment and pure consciousness above 700).

On this scale, it is shown that human cells can start to change (mutate) when the frequency goes below 6.2Hz and illness sets in: cold or the flu (frequency around 5.8Hz), candida (frequency around 5.5Hz), viral infection (frequency around 5.2Hz), cancer (frequency drops to 4.2Hz or below)


528 Hz known also as the „Miracle” tone, is a wave that enables significant and extraordinary biological changes, including DNA repairing. Ancient oriental teachings also referred to it as “chakras”.


No matter how the terminology or scales are used, the essence is the same, activating your energetic power centre brings health, abundance and wellbeing.

Boosting Your Level of Consciousness – achieve more Alpha and Theta states
  1. Check your thoughts: negative thoughts, ruminations, mental fog or lack of focus and concentration, slow learning and sluggish thinking are signs of low vibrations; as such, start by:
    -interrupting your ruminations and negative thoughts
    -reframe them by more positive lenses
    -take time for creativity and contemplation (mindfulness, meditation)
  2. Check your emotions: sadness, anger, frustration, irritation, rage, are all charged with a low vibration. Here are few things to consider:
    -acknowledging your emotions and noticing you are not defined by them: ‘’I feel sad’’ rather than ‘’I am…’’
    -expressing the emotion (e-motion as in put it in motion by sharing it, venting it, writing it down, transforming into a constructive deed)
    -focus on the person, not on the problem and try rewiring with acceptance and forgiveness
    -practice some form of gratitude every day (few minutes every day to appreciating the good things that happen in the day, aim for three simple bullet points that you are grateful for and maybe one thing that you would intentionally do differently the next day)
    -optimism and hopefulness
  3. Check your body: Your physical body holds a lot of clues about your energetic vibration, your chakras are connected to your vagus nerve which typically activates the fight or flight modes; it is often accompanied by release of cortisol and adrenaline, tense muscles, shallow breath, warmth, fidgeting, release of cortisol and adrenaline and elevated heartbeat. As with fight or flight modes, the energy goes into the extremities to prepare you to face the perceived threat and as such, your body will be pulling out its resources from the digestive, reproductory and immune systems, leaving you with stomach issues, low libido, frequent autoimmune diseases and subsequent consequences such as skin problems, restlessness at night, etc .
    -notice any of those symptoms and attempt to reverse them (if you have tensed shoulders see if you can relax them, shallow breath – see if you can practice few abdominal / diaphragmatic breathing)
    -listen and respond to what the body needs – more sleep, more slowing down, exercise regularly, eat healthier, massage
    -try changing the chemistry in your body (love and trust bring oxytocin and serotonin, vs. stress and negativity bring cortisol and adrenaline)
    Other ways to increase energy levels:
  4. Check your food: in essence the ‘’cleaner’’ and closer to the Earth you eat, the higher the vibration:
    -try eating leafy green vegetables, fresh fruits, seeds and minimally processed grains, legumes, spring water.
    -On the contrary then, try avoiding acidic and neutral to low vibrational values such as: fish, poultry, dairy. Definitely some of the low vibration to avoid include: Coffee, Sodas, Alcohol, Flour, Sweets, Meat, Canned and frozen food, Processed food
    -test food that align with your unique energetic blueprint, notice how energized or not you feel as you make your selection
  5. Check your home: home cluttering is a source of low vibration, affecting your level of energy and clarity of mind; when people are spending most of their time in a state of stress and firefighting, it is likely that their homes will be in disorder, dirty or cluttered. A good way to clean your homes is to look into:
    -cleaning up clothes (keep only items that still bring you joy to wear and that you want to bring into your future); thank the items that you have sorted out and either donate or throw if they are no longer in good shape
    -sorting clothes by category and folding them in such a way that you can position them vertical in the drawers to see what you have (Marie Kondo method)
    -sorting personal items by category and size, keeping only items that you find yourself emotionally attached; resize collections to few of the most valuable items to you;
    -finding them a home or specific space where you will easily find them and access them
    -aiming for a sense of ‘’air’’ in the house, both from making sure you air enough and don’t hold onto moist spaces with mold, but also from Physical space perspective (decluttering anything that doesn’t serve anymore)
  6. Choose and sustain few self-care practices and routines

Meditation: there are many ways to do this, but start small and gentle; for example, few minutes in a quiet place where you can focus undisturbed on your abdominal breath will strengthen your prefrontal cortex making you less prone to reactivity, negativity and fight or flight modes.
You can just follow your breath in an out and come back to your belly moving up and down (your anchor) every time you realise your thoughts have carried you away.

Journalling: this is a great way to vent and clear your mind, make sense of your day in terms of thoughts, emotions and behaviours and establish intentions for the next way; its also a great way to express gratitude for life and learn more about yourself, your triggers and healthier coping mechanisms

Movement: weather you choose to reconnect with nature for a 10-minute walk or ride on your trotty/bike or do a 20 minutes stretching /yoga practice it will boost your energy immensely. Even better, connecting with nature for longer like taking a hike or spending the day at a lake/seaside you will feel significantly calmer and happier whilst improving your cognitive functioning.

Network of support: this can consist of your closest people that lift you up and support you: -these can be people that you trust and can talk to (sometimes each person is a friend for a particular similarity and not one person can fit you exactly in all aspects of your life; the more similarities, the better, but sometimes we cannot choose, so cherish the particular offered gift);
-ideally surround yourself by people that have pro-social behaviours (generosity, empathy) and a positive mind’s eye (help you reframe your situations in a constructive way), that are able to use healthy coping mechanisms like planning, humour, active coping and can lift your energy
-use alternative medical therapies such as acupuncture, chakra therapy, qi gong, grounding

  • see a doctor if you are experiencing physical, mental, or emotional symptoms that are interfering with your daily functioning; they can help you with medical treatment, prescribe psychotherapy together with alternative medicine

Routines are specific predictable activities that give your body brain a sense of safety and help you make healthier choices in terms of nutrition, sleep, use of technology. Or rather prevent you from making poor choices.

When it comes to food, make sure you shop wisely and have a plan for your meals at least for couple of days ahead. Try keeping the same timings for your meals and have a great variety of colours in your plate. That prevents you from snacking unhealthy when you are under stress and have nothing precooked. If at all, every now and then see if you can do some intermittent fasting to allow your body resources to detox and take care of your immune system, inflammatory areas and cell repairing.

When it comes to sleep, evening routine should include a space of 3-4 hours between your last meal and your sleep (dinner at 6-7pm, going to sleep at 22.00), with eating like a king in the morning, like a prince at lunch and like a beggar in the evening. Your evening routine would include things like brushing teeth, taking shower, putting on pyjamas, airing the room, dimming the lights, reading a few pages (avoid screens and especially negative news and blue lights), journal, cuddle your children/partner/pets/plushes and practice gratitude for the day.

Achieving wellbeing and the highest level of quality of life has to do with mental wellness, physical wellness and environmental wellness, where energetic vibrations happen at every level and can have seismic effect on you:

• living in a polluted and toxic nature and social environments, where green and contemplation have lost their meaning.
• spending time being lethargic, sitting for hours at our desks, watching TV (news) with overwhelming information, where movement, exercise or just simply walking have become performative than a way of being
• having numerous triggers that our body and mind have reactivity towards, whereas we were born in a life with limited threats to our lives; that’s how more than half of the globe population lives in chronic stress instead of mindful attitudes, emotional regulation and increased distress tolerance
• food has become element of entertainment and toxicity, losing its (macro and micro) nutritional purpose

The field of energy is growing and each of the above tools has slowly gained merit and evidence based research to promote a higher vibrational levels of consciousness and a healthier life style. From deep breathing, meditation, yoga, to interacting with nature, eating a good diet, developing healthy relationships, and practising gratitude and generosity are just a few tools in the journey from illness to thriving, from low vibration to higher energetic levels, from flow to enlightment.

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