Breathing as a routine may sound as a curiosity at the beginning; of course we all breath as long as we are alive, yet the way we do it as adults is no longer as effective as when we were born. This is where breathing coaching comes into place.

If you look at small babies or animals, they have a full belly breath, meaning the belly goes up as they inhale air into the lungs, the thoracic cavity increases and the muscle called diaphragm contracts. The diaphragm separates the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity and during inhalation it presses on the abdominal cavity, producing the rise of the belly.

As we go through life, different traumatic events cause us to hold our breath and lose precious oxygen volume during the inhale; we tend to breath only in the upper chest or very shallow into the lungs with bare movement of the diaphragmatic muscle. This causes damages to your health at physical level, but also at emotional level as negative emotions store / archive in cells where there is no longer a sufficient exchange of air and toxins release.

Facts show that cancer is anaerobic, meaning it doesn’t install in cells where there is sufficient oxygen; heart diseases and shortness of breath are also directly correlated. There are several benefits that a correct breath may bring, including as follows:

  • Tension release: when you are angry, stressed or scared the body does not receive enough oxygen and becomes tight and constricted; deeper breathing would allow muscle relaxation
  • Elimination of toxins: the human body can eliminate 70% of toxins through breathing, if you are not breathing properly your body has to work harder with other systems to compensate
  • Clarity of mind: focusing on your breath brings increases concentration capacity and productivity, enabling easier archiving of thoughts and events at subconscious level and leaving the conscious mind clearer
  • Emotional blockages release: as oxygen reaches the cells (archive for all events in our life), stored emotions start to surface and they clear easier
  • Internal organs massage: by using your diaphragm you are massaging your stomach, intestines, liver, etc. and improving the circulation in them but also your digestion and food absorption
  • Many more: increased energy levels, cells regeneration, improved nervous system, stronger lungs, lower workload on the heart, better posture, etc.

In our days we tend to cure symptoms and not causes, whilst breath addresses the root causes without doubt. Transformational Breath is the breath work that I practice and recommend and addresses above and more, via a particular accredited method. I am happy to introduce you this technique in more details or visit the Transformational Breath foundation site

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