Meditation is a state of quieting the mind. You can deeply focus on the breath and follow your thoughts as they come and go or repeat a mantra of choice; time and practice bring states of mental silence, where you master your thoughts, either by watching them as they come and go or even stopping them.

Meditation benefits

Meditation has a positive impact on health where merely 5 to 15 minutes of meditation morning and evening can bring:

  • physical health and body relief, brain and mind relaxation (stress relief)
  • higher levels of concentration by focusing on breath and becoming aware of it, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency
  • mental health, as most of the mental illnesses relate to thoughts and meditation can help quiet them
  • surface of more positive emotions that can be further carried out throughout the day: love, compassion, patience, forgiveness, generosity
  • mastering your thoughts and mind and achieving an observer state; you watch the things happening in your life and choose to respond rather than react
Mind benefits

Meditation involves a state of awareness that clears mind from rumbling thoughts and offers tools like presence, focus and stillness to better manage yourself. Scientifically, meditation produces altered states of consciousness, meaning a different condition of the brain other than normal default active state. You can become more aware of your senses, internal organs and heart bit movement, body sensations and the energy shifts; you can sharpen the connection to the universal source and knowledge and tap into your inner self and intuition

All perceptions and feelings alter from a meditative state. This can be quite handy, as in life very few circumstances allow change of a person or situation. But what we can change via meditation is the way we perceive and respond to what is happening to us

I invite you to experience the power of meditation, whether with soothing music, in silence, with a mantra or guided, simply start from somewhere. It will make a difference in your life! If you need some help and want to talk about it, just me with your questions


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