This article is about transitions. Life changing events put us in ‘’transition’’ mode for perhaps longer than we expect. As you are exiting one door and stage of your life, you may find yourself wondering which new chapter to open. New challenges and opportunities are always available but require courage, risk taking and letting go of ‘’old doors’’ in order to have capacity, energy and full engagement for the new adventure.

When in transition, states of fear, confusion, doubt and uncertainty block our creative brain. Whether in transition between jobs, specializations, partners, houses or schools, one thing is sure, you feel uncomfortable, unsecure and are looking for guidance.

Here are 3 steps of what you can do:

1. Identify what is your transition about. This is something you feel, is occupying your thoughts and spare time and may take the form of rumbling mind. For example, at a certain age, people often have a realization about the meaning of life and search how to bring more of it into their personal journeys. This may result in cleaning up some old habits and embracing new ones, changing jobs or specializations, adopting new life philosophy, looking to build families or transitioning between countries, partners or ideologies.

Sometimes you feel you want and need a change but don’t know what, when, how or where. As you go through the process you feel stuck, overwhelmed, lost and in difficulty to balance several needs (money, status, making a difference into the world, staying true to yourself). This is OK! If you realize you are in this moment in your life than you are already one step ahead. Just understand what is it about, what is the underlying feeling, driving emotion or the change that you long wished for.

2. Accept you are in transition. You may not be sure what your next step is or you may know what your new path is, but the timing or resources are not enabling it yet. Wherever you are, acknowledging it and gently allowing yourself to be in this space of transition and restlessness will reduce the pressure and anxiety.It has been proven that a mind which doesn’t rumble and is less busy with scenarios, will naturally come up with ideas, innovations, creative solutions and answers that source intuition rather than rational mind.

3. Picture yourself in the future. Paint the ideal picture after opening the ”new door”. Where do you want to be? Where are you today and what have you done so far to achieve your goals? What’s standing in your way to achieve your dreams, whats holding you back at the moment and what possibilities can you see? What do you need to do additionally? What are you good at and what additional capabilities you need? Once you are there, what will it be like? What are the values you stand for and what do you believe in? What will people be saying about you? Who will be your stakeholders and where from you will get your energy? Allow yourself to dream, tap into the subconscious creativity and build your ideal image.


Use a Personal Vision board

Inspiration comes when we disconnect from ordinary life and take time for ourselves. In peace and in quiet our right brain takes space and intuition kicks in. To get a feel for what you are looking for, start with above questions and if stuck use some inspiration sources such as: people you admire, better version of yourself at one point in time, things that relax or are passionate about, childhood activities, places you love, theories / concepts / values / environment you would like embrace and embody. Put all ideas in one place and you will have your own empowering personal vision board.

This is an efficient tool to imagine the future and represent where you are and where you want to be. Our minds respond well to visual stimulation, creating intentions that our subconscious and later on the universe naturally align to fulfill. Our brain understands desires and goals and translates them into e-motions and energy that activate the Law of Attraction and bring with time what we want and need.

Place your Personal vision board at sight and make sure you glance at it every day. You will be awed to see it happening step by step, small implementation ideas will start popping up in your head and eventually they will be brought to life.

Let’s practice

A Personal vision board can address transitioned areas or whole life. Choose you area and plan to keep it simple, neat and aspirational. Its a good tool for the beginning of the year 🙂 . Set aside let’s say 1 hour. Bring with you a computer, access to internet, colors, pens /pencils, other modeling tools, colored post its, glue, paper. Add some of your favorite magazines, scissors and anything else you might need for a creative moment

Now start thinking of things that are important to you, aspirational, picture your soul, dreams and ideals. Depending on the topic, use some of the questions in this article (see above). In addition: Who are you deep down? Who are the people you want to be surrounded by? What are your passions? What activities you would like to spend your time on? What is it you would like to achieve more in your life? What is your biggest desire?

Use all the tools available to illustrate your thoughts, goals and dreams. Here below is an example of life board. You may wish to visit  Free downloads for a ‘’fill in’’ ready-made template.


A leadership style vision board is also available as template in the Free downloads .

There are only few things you need to do in order to overcome difficult transitory moments. Have patience, acceptance and tolerance for yourself, trust life and create your personal vision board! Once designed, put it in a place you can often see it and Believe in it! Your transition will naturally unfold and before you know you will have embraced a new life chapter.

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