Counseling families with an ASD (autism spectrum disorder) child

September 25, 2023

Counseling a family with an autistic child usually involves several key components designed to provide support and guidance to the family. Here’s a sketch of what such a project might look like, as well as detailing some of the project’s components: 1. Assessment of needs and medical historyThe first step is to conduct a comprehensive […]

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Emotional Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy is a revolutionary technique/intervention designed to help couples repair rifts and build strong bonds of connection and love. Distressed couples have had a 70% success rate with this technique and 90% have shown improvement.It was created by Dr. Sue Johnson, clinical psychologist, author of the book and online program “Hold me […]

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What is the Theory of Mind (ToM)?

1. What is Theory of Mind – What does it mean? 2. Theory of Mind (ToM) and Social interaction 3. Theory of Mind (ToM) – early development Some factors in the social environment influence the typical rate of development of theory of mind, for example: 4. ToM and Autism-According to the DSM, impairment of social […]

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Brochure for parents whose children have Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

2. Who does oppositional defiant disorder affect? 3. Signs and symptoms• Anger and irritability: lose their temper easily, frequent outbursts of anger, easily annoyed by other, frequently hostile or disrespectful• Argumentative and defiant behaviour: excessive argue with adults, blaming others for own mistakes, actively refuses to comply with rules and requests, intentionally trying to annoy […]

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The Role of default network in human behavior

We have a perspective on the world, we respond emotionally to what happens, we are capable of introspection, we can remember the past, we can experience the present and we can project our future, we decide what to do and sometimes we learn from our mistakes thanks to our brain, the most sophisticated known organ.A […]

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Overview of reinforcement techniques in ABA approach (Applied behavior analysis) for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

1. Summary of the Verbal Behavioral Approach 2. DTT (Discrete trial teaching) 3. Acquiring and maintaining instructional control 4. Positive renforcement vs positive punishment 5. Negative reinforcement 6. Schedules 1. Summary of the Verbal Behavioral Approach Mary R. Barbera details in the book “The Verbal Behavior Approach” a therapy focused on verbal behaviors, focusing on […]

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Stereotypes in addressing conflict in heterosexual couples

September 19, 2023

Stereotypes are means of cognitive economy, forms of explanation or collective tools of representation and action. Often people are identified as members of a category, a group, based on gender, origin, culture, religion, color, hairstyle or clothing. The more exaggerated the images or the harder they correspond to individual realities, the easier they are called […]

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The Dual Mind Model: The Horseman and the Elephant

The human brain is divided into three different structures, each with its own specialization. The first structure from the point of view of evolution is the reptilian brain, also called small brain or cerebellum, it maintains the basic functions of the organism: the ability to breathe, heartbeat, maintaining balance, etc. This structure is what we […]

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Syndromes associated with mental deficiency

In mental deficiency, syndromes can accompany mental deficiencies according to the following classifications: 1. Chromosomal aberrations 2. Metabolic (metabolic heredopathies): 3. Dysostotic forms of mental deficiency: 4. Xerodermic forms of mental deficiency: Van Bogaert (1936) 5. Endocrine: Bibliography:Donders J., Hunter S., (2018), Intellectual Disability Syndromes, Neuropsychological Conditions across the Lifespan, Cambridge University Press, pg 61-78

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Play and recovery in mental deficiency

Starting from the hypothesis that a mental function has been lost in mental deficiency, recovery involves the intervention to train the unaltered functions to take over the activity of the damaged or lost ones. In its full meaning, recovery implies the restoration or reconstitution of lost human functions, but in the case of mental deficiency […]

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