Hypnosis is a natural state of focused concentration and relaxation. It’s a way of relaxing and setting aside the conscious mind (willpower), while at the same time activating the subconscious mind. Suggestions can be then made directly to the subconscious, enabling then manifestations and actions that are done with greater ease and efficiency.

There is a lot of talk about hypnosis, but the information is not always correct. It is not a new discipline and can be traced to ancient Egypt. Hypnosis is actually very much present in our life in religion, sales and advertising, healthcare, teaching.

Several myths and distortions about hypnosis have appeared in popular culture, with connotations of magic, supernatural and occult. Also many movies have contributed to these misconceptions, causing fear and reluctance in the face of hypnosis therapy.

One of the most common questions about hypnosis is whether anyone can be hypnotized. And to some extent, the answer is yes, anyone can enter a trance state and work with their mind for change or healing. People will however vary as to the depth acquired and the length of time required for conditioning.

Hypnosis is not a medicine or a cure. What is important, is the desire for change and the trustful relationship with the therapist. It’s a very powerful tool when it comes to assisting people in goals like self-confidence, controlling habits, reducing pain or anxiety, reframing trauma, improving memory and concentration,

Hypnosis is an agreement, a contract, an acceptance, a choice. You need to tell your therapist what you want to address, how would that look like when achieved and give your consent to let yourself be led and guided

The hypnotic trance is similar to the state of your mind when you let yourself be captivated by a good book or your favorite movie. Hypnosis is similar to the moments when you allow yourself to enjoy a good story.

When doesn’t it work?

• If you resist and keep the conscious mind active, strong, rooted in the here and now, you cannot enjoy this experience – an attitude of curiosity, discovery and playfulness is desired

• If you are a person that does not believe in hypnosis and does not accept the idea that he can work with his mind for change, that person cannot be hypnotized – instead, desiring the experience and eliminating words like ‘’try, hope, believe, I don’t know, maybe, I am not sure’’ will make it more efficient

• If you try to ‘’control’’ the journey and resist/debate in your conscious mind the hypnotic suggestions or don’t go deep enough in the process – accepting the suggestions and not trying to understand them or oppose them but rather letting itself helped and transposing the suggestions into mental or physical fact

The idea is simple: it is difficult to change subconscious patterns through the conscious mind or willpower alone. Hypnosis reprograms the subconscious by using a far greater portion of your mind automatically. In hypnosis we alter our internal world by using our imagination. When you change how you think, visualize and imagine things to be, your feelings and behavior will begin to change to manifest these goals.

Some of the main steps in hypnosis include:

  1. Inductions: Physical and/or mental relaxation to have the client more open to suggestions
  2. Deepening trance as needed
  3. Offering suggestions
  4. Emergence

A hypnotic suggestion is effective only when accompanied by a misdirection of attention or diversion. A reduction of the critical function of the conscious mind, allows the suggestion to take hold of the individual subconscious. Hypnotic susceptibility depends on motivation. It is a condition of emotional readiness during which perceptual alterations can be induced.

In short, hypnosis is an amazing power of your mind. It is the power that only you can decide if you want to use it to change your life for the better.

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