1. Stand behind values such as: truth, awareness, love and respect, gratitude, best intentions, continuous learning, modesty, creativity, humanity
  2. Have dreams and aspirations, if you only do what you can do, you will never be able to be more than you are
  3. Surround yourself by people who give meaning to your life and conversation (shallow encounters waste time and energy)
  4. Build strong relationships based on common values (trust, truth, respect, unconditional support, loyalty, partnership, care, love, humor, intelligence, positivity, politeness, mutual support, communication, openness) and aspirations (same hobbies, same level of cuddling, same career direction and family desire, common projects, similar speed of individual development for both, common projects)
  5. A relationship with “the one” requires effort before and after, continuous nurturing just like learning a language;
  6. Study people and their behaviors, understand the dynamics of relationships: People have several valences; the more you experience life the more valences you have (like chemical valences, but keep only those that you need and serve you not everything you wish to do but don’t bring that much); a successful relationship will happen when more of those valences are met and fulfilled by the other person; if an important one is oppressed, then frustration/ break up occurs.
  7. People like to feel self-esteem and don’t react well under pressure and control; think of it as a mind game
  8. Always project positively where you want to be (the dream in high level of details), have faith and the universe conspiracy will make it happen; if good projection and consistent projection, things will come your way naturally and effortlessly
  9. Don’t forget to be playful and relaxed, life is not a competition but there to be enjoyed

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Camelia Krupp (Mihai)

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In a world full of technology, personal agendas and increased desire for possessions, I believe there is room to revive our humanity and make the world a better place. The first step starts with you and if I can make your life a little bit better, then my mission as a life coach is fulfilled. Building self every day is the single meaning of life. Find your best self or get where you want to be!


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  • “Camelia is an EXCELLENT executive COACH! She has a very gentle and encouraging approach that helps create trustful relationship. I loved working with her. Thank you Camelia!” – Anastasia K.


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